Wheat Flour Manufacturers in India

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Wheat Flour Manufacturers in India

wheat flour

Entire Wheat flour normally known as Chakki new Atta in India is made entire wheat with each of the 3 parts of the wheat grain unblemished for example Grain, germ and endosperm.

At Nutro Power Exim with its 30 years of skill in the wheat flour processing industry in Gujarat, India we source the best of wheat grains normally found in the Malwa district of MP state in India, we advertise our item, where we utilize the top notch assortment of wheat known as Sharbati that makes extra delicate rotis or entire wheat bread. We produce various assortments of wheat and wheat flour like:

1.) Whole Wheat flour – Chakki Atta

Chakki fresh atta (100% Whole Wheat Flour) produced using Sharbati grains is premium in quality and makes the weaving of batter extremely smooth and extra delicate and nutritious Chapatis that are a generally excellent wellspring of dietary fiber and carbs got from the integrity of Whole Wheat. Whole Wheat flour (Chakki atta) is usually utilized for making Chapatis, Whole Wheat Bread (dark colored bread) and so on.

2.) All-Purpose Flour – Maida

Universally handy wheat flour (Maida) which has the external layer called grain expelled from the wheat piece is better in coarse and utilized for making white bread, rolls, treats and so on.

3.) Durum Flour – Suji

Makers of wheat flour in India situated in Madhya Pradesh likewise produce an uncommon assortment of hard wheat known as Durum that is utilized for making Semolina or Suji devoured as breakfast in India and for making other expelled items like Pasta, Macaroni and so on.


Conveyance and Export:

At Nutro Power Exim, we make wheat flour of fair quality and tweak the particulars of the flour according to the necessity of the purchaser. We have a colossal system of providers and are among the unmistakable exporters and makers of wheat flour and Chakki crisp atta in India. We likewise take into account the requests of neighborhood providers and wholesalers of wheat flour and Chakki Atta in India.

We are as of now sending out wheat flour & other products to USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia. We have an enormous appropriation of wheat flour in India and fare the most noteworthy nature of wheat flour free from pesticides and peroxide whiteners.

Bundling: All our items are accessible in little and mass bundling. We additionally tweak our bundling according to the prerequisite of the purchaser.

Shipments and Export Handling: For a fare of wheat flour and different items inclined to mileage while in the travel we take outrageous consideration of the accompanying for ideal fulfillment of our customers:

  • Payload Handling
  • OntimeConsigments
  • Racking and Placements
  • Quality according to Export Standards
  • Additional Covering for ecological insurance